Geopolitics Of The Caspian Region


The book discusses Turkey’s Caspian policies, economic relations with the region, legal status of the Caspian Region, Turkey-Russia, Turkey-Armenia and Turkey-Uzbekistan relations, the Ukraine problem and Crimea issue, Karabakh issue, Afghanistan issue as a threat against global peace, Azerbaijan’s regional and international energy policies, and economic opportunities in Georgia.

Importance of Caspian energy resources is constantly increasing in the 21st century. Therefore, the Caspian Region, which holds a major part of world energy resources, has turned into a “playground” for global actors. 16 academicians with an expertise in Caspian studies thoroughly analyze the geopolitical importance of the Caspian Region within the framework of security and stability concepts. Edited by Ahmet Yükleyen, Associate Professor at the Political Science and International Relations Department of Istanbul Commerce University and senior fellow at HASEN Center on Politics and Social Studies; the book consists of three parts under the titles “Geopolitics of Security and Stability”, “Political Crises and Transition” and “Political Economic Challenges and Opportunities”.