Mission and Vision

In order to serve for its overall objective and target, the institution relies upon the substantial knowledge and experience of the qualified Azerbaijani policy experts and scholars. More crucially, however, one of the distinctive added values of the PPI is that it also aims to make the best use of the expertise of young and highly-educated human capital of Azerbaijan.

Over more than a decade, Azerbaijan has taken efforts to turn the ‘’black gold into human gold’’, and one of the results of this prioritization is  a large network of successful Azerbaijani alumni and students educated at prestigious universities abroad — the PPI considers them as a special part of the gross-national intellectual capacity of Azerbaijan, and they are cordially invited to share their knowledge, experience and world-views with the broader Azerbaijani public, through a structured and dedicated work such as essays and opinion papers.

This is why the PPI has been launched as the first nation-wide policy network of young Azerbaijani talents. The ‘policy work’ envisaged by this initiative is characterized with a number of specific nuances: a) the institution prioritizes the independence from political processes; b) the work is not only limited to research and dissemination of findings to the policy stakeholders but also prioritizes the promotion of regular meetings and networking of independent Azerbaijani policy experts and young talents with the policy practitioners in Azerbaijan for constructive policy discussions, exchange of views and mutual learning between them; c) the initiative aims contributing to the promotion of public-private partnerships in Azerbaijan through supporting mutual understanding, learning and networking between the Azerbaijani business community, government institutions and international representations; and last but not least, d) the PPI envisages to arrange trainings, seminars and lectures in all of its research areas.