About PPI

Public Policy Institute (PPI) is a non-profit, non-partisan and independent policy think-tank initiative newly launched Azerbaijan, Baku, by a network of young Azerbaijanis educated abroad.

The rationale for the launch of the initiative derives from an assessment of needs for alternative policy information sources and a regular discussion platform for public institutions, international delegations, civil society, media and business community (herewith, referred to as the ‘policy stakeholders’) in Azerbaijan, as well as from a process of perusal of dynamically increasing demands and interests in the Azerbaijani society to think critically and systematically on a number of key policy questions in the country and to find potential and research-based solutions to them.

The think-tank’s target in the long-run is to contribute in its capacity to the formulation of the most efficient policies and promotion of effective governance mechanisms in a variety of policy and governance areas in Azerbaijan, through independent, high quality and evidence-based policy-research and consulting, as well as sustainable and constructive policy discussions, debates and collaborations with the relevant policy stakeholders in the country. In this regard, the overall objective of the PPI is to be beneficial both for the governance and society in Azerbaijan.